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Naples Velo - A Community Site and Club Serving Naples and ALL of Southwest Florida


Naples Velo Bicycle Club(NV) is a not-for-profit organization promoting cycling at all skill levels and dedicated to improving cycling safety and awareness in southwest Florida. Towards these objectives, NV promotes cycling activities, develops and conducts educational programs on cycling safety and skills, enhances cycling awareness through advertising and community events and supports the enactment of cycling safety laws, amateur cycling racing, and other charitable organizations with a common mission.  

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All routes start at the NE Corner of Livingston & 4835 Immokalee Rd

Learn about the 4 routes (click on each):

route mapping by ridewithgps, Garmin friendly 

80 Miles : 7:00 am - Fast, 1 rest stop in Ave Maria
62 Miles: 7:30 am - A classic metric 100, 3 rest stops equidistant
40 Miles: 8:00 am - A ride to stretch, 2 rest stops
25 Miles: 8:30 am - Learning group rides, 2 rest stops

Each ride will be attended by experienced Marshals

Full Sag support by our Sponsors

Registration starts at 6:30 am

Lunch from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, bring your Sweetheart along!


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Join Us on Our GROUP RIDES!

Click the Group Rides graphic above to see ALL of our Naples area Group Rides.  Come join us! Everyone is welcomed !! But first, sign the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. And Second, follow the Bicyclists' Code of Conduct set forth below.

Rules of the Road

Bicyclists' Code of Conduct

  1. ALWAYS wear a helmet
  2. Do not wear headphones
  3. Never ride against traffic
  4. Avoid riding on the sidewalk wherever possible
  5. Stop for stop signs and red lights
  6. Follow lane markings
  7. Honor others right of way
  8. Use hand signals and verbal communications
  9. Call out debris in the road
  10. Be predictable
  11. Ride single file with traffic
  12. When riding in a pace line:
    1. Do not overlap with the bicycle in front of you
    2. Maintain an even pace and do not allow a gap to be created in front of you
    3. When rotating off the front, do not stop pedaling until you have moved off the front of the line
    4. Do not cut into the line unless the rider behind you has approved your move
    5. Be alert to the actions of the riders in front of you
  13. Don't unnecessarily block traffic
  14. Always use lights front and back at night and it also helps your visibility during the day.
  15. No aero bar use in a group ride.
  16. Conform to the maximum speed of the ride.
  17. Provide feedback and direction to new and/or unsafe riders.

We Appreciate Our Sponsors!


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