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NAPLES PATHWAYS COALITION is a non-profit group of local citizens advocating a fully integrated and safe transportation network of sidewalks, bike lanes, bike paths, multi-use paths and greenways for use by cyclists, pedestrians and other people-powered transport throughout Naples and Collier County. 

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Naples Velo - A Community Site and Club Serving Naples and ALL of Southwest Florida


Naples Velo Bicycle Club(NV) is a not-for-profit organization promoting cycling at all skill levels and dedicated to improving cycling safety and awareness in southwest Florida. Towards these objectives, NV promotes cycling activities, develops and conducts educational programs on cycling safety and skills, enhances cycling awareness through advertising and community events and supports the enactment of cycling safety laws, amateur cycling racing, and other charitable organizations with a common mission.  

                                         Naples Velo Bicycle Club is a member of the League of American Bicyclists                                                      and the Florida Bicycle Association.

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Moderate Pace Ride List & Bicycle Handling Basics

Naples Moderate Pace Ride List


  • 20 mph, 7:00 am Start at Market Place at Pelican Bay, 20 miles at 20 mph around Pelican Bay
  • 18-20 mph, 8:00 am Start at Starbucks at Santa Barbara and Radio Rds., 30 miles through Lely and back.


  • 18-20 mph, 6:45 am Start at Market Place at Pelican Bay, 26 miles to the south end of Gordon Dr. and back.
  • 12-15 mph, 8:00 am Start at Starbucks, 6839 Collier Blvd. (Celeste & Triangle Blvds). Approx 20 mi. on pathways and low traffic streets, bike lanes.


  • Thursday Coffee Ride, 18-20 mph, 7:00 am: Start at Market Place at Pelican Bay, ride to Gordon Drive via the Seagate cut-through and the Moorings neighborhood with a usual coffee stop en route.
  • 18-20 mph, 8:00 am Start at Starbucks at Santa Barbara and Radio Rds., 30 miles through Golden Gate Estates and back.


  • 18-20 mph, 7:30 am Start at Parking Garage at 4th Ave. S. Just west of 8th St. S., 33 miles through Pine Ridge and back

Bicycling Handling Basics

Riding confidently and predictably in traffic sends the message that you belong on the road. Basic bike handling skills will also enhance your efficiency, making your ride more enjoyable.


  • Getting off to a good start includes starting with stability. Start in a low gear and gradually build speed. 
  • Engage both brakes.
  • Position one pedal in the 2 o’clock power position. 
  • Put all your weight on this pedal; then release the brakes.
  • Stand up on the pedal and simultaneously ease yourself back onto the saddle.
  • Keep your grip on the handlebars firm but relaxed so you will not wobble.
  • As you gain speed, shift to higher gears.


  • Stopping is arguably more important than going when it comes to safe riding. 
  • Free one foot if you use toe clips, straps or clipless pedals. 
  • To slow, apply both brakes evenly. Your front brake actually accounts for 70% of your braking power. 
  • As you slow, shift down a few gears to make it easier to start up again.
  • Just as you come to a complete stop, turn the handlebars slightly away from the side you step down. The bike will lean slightly to this side, making it easier to step down.
  • Step down off the seat and put one foot down. You will find that one side is more natural than the other. Putting your foot down sends a clear message that you are stopping to other cyclists, motorists, and law enforcement. 
  • As you are stopped, reposition your pedal into the power position so that you are ready to start again. 


  • This important skill may sound simple, but it is an essential aspect of riding predictably. 
  • Use small adjustments to the handlebars and leaning your bike to correct your line. 
  •  Look up and ahead rather than staring at your front tire.
  • Do not weave in and out of parked cars as you ride along. Hold your line. 


  • Whether you are riding in traffic or on a trail, you need to be aware of and communicate with those around you. Scanning behind for overtaking traffic is especially crucial when merging or changing lanes. The trick is to maintain a straight line while looking over your shoulder. 
  • Relax or remove the hand on the side you are scanning to avoid turning the handlebars as you scan. Some riders rest that hand on their thigh or hip. 
  • Slightly tighten your grip on the other hand for balance and control.
  • Briefly turn your head to look over your shoulder to scan behind you. You may need to do this a few times. 


  • A large part of riding predictably is letting others know what you plan to do before you do it. Hand signals are a vital communication tool. Always signal your intent when turning, changing lanes and changing position within the lane. 


  • Using a range of gears allows you to ride more efficiently and reduce fatigue, and is especially helpful for tackling the varied topography of our region. If done right, you can exert nearly the same pedaling effort riding up a hill, down a hill or on level ground. The three key components are cadence, gears and shifting.


  • For good efficiency and low impact on your knees, an optimal pedaling cadence of 75 – 95 revolutions per minute (rpm) is recommended. You can maintain a comfortable, efficient cadence by shifting gears to adjust to changes in terrain. 


  • Bikes may have gears in the front and/or in the rear, depending on the style of bicycle and the style of intended riding. 
  • Most gears are external, but some bikes have internal hubs.


  • Shifting allows you to move between the gears to maintain a steady cadence and effort over a variety of terrain. 

Membership Benefits

  • Great Social events throughout the year, donut ride, poker ride, happy hours, tailgate parties, and our largest social event, the Holiday Party, held each year in December, available only to members and their guests.
  • Support and sponsorship of local area organizations and events, Friends of the River of Grass Greenway,  Special Olympics, Pan Florida Challenge, Naples Pathway Coalition  and the Sweetheart Ride for Drug Free Collier.
  • Club Kits – New club kits with more bright orange safety color
  • A new and improved Website with limited access to the members only areas
  • Free Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Medical Expenses Insurance
    • Naples Velo maintains $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment and $10,000 Medical Expense benefit coverage on all active members when participating in a Naples Velo sponsored event/ride. The Medical Expense benefit is full excess. It only applies if and when all other coverage has been exhausted. (Both coverages are, of course, subject to all policy provisions.)
  • Improved modes of communication
    • Updates for community and/or club members
    • Group Emailing/Text Messaging
    • Group discussions and ride hook-ups
    • Naples Velo Facebook Page Updates
  • Discounts with a club membership card at many area merchants including bike shops
    • Bike Route, 5% discount added to Loyalty Card resulting in 10% total discount.
    • Trek in Naples and Estero, 10% discount on parts, clothing, nutrition and accessories; 10% discount on Pro Bike Fitting Services; 10% discount on Custom Project One Bicycles
    • Big Mama’s Bike Shop, 10% discount on all items
    • Mountain & Road Bikes, 15% discount on all items except bicycles.
    • Kunjani Craft, Coffee and Gallery, 10% discount on all purchases
    • Moe’s, 10% discount on all orders
    • Olde Naples Chocolate, 10% discount
    • Philly Pretzel Factory, 10% discount
  • Club Policy and Direction – At our annual meeting each year, attending members participate in helping set the future direction of the Club, including the election of Board of Trustee members and establishing the amount of annual dues.
  • Organized and monitored group rides for all skill levels
    • Fun Rides
    • Daily tempo rides
    • Holiday Rides
    • Special Events Rides
  • Training
    • Training Rides (Every Monday and Saturday)
    • Free Cycling Skills and Safety Clinics
  • Out of Town Touring Rides: - Club members actively participate as a group in a number of out-of-town touring rides throughout the state of Florida (and beyond). It’s great to travel and hang-out with fellow Club members at these events.
  • Free T-shirts: This year, for the first 275 individuals and families (limit of two shirts per family) who renew their membership and new members will receive a free cycling safety T-shirt.
  • And, especially, support of enhancement of cycling safety and awareness projects developed and implemented by your Naples Velo Bicycle Club.
    • Bike Lane maintenance
    • Electronic cycling safety messages on roadways
    • Free safety message T-shirt
    • Video cycling safety message for TV, websites, Facebook and special events
    • Distribution of cycling safety brochures in local bike shops, hotels and at residential community meetings.

Membership is $40 for an individual and $70 for a family


Join Us on Our GROUP RIDES!

Click the Group Rides graphic above to see ALL of our Naples area Group Rides.  Come join us! Everyone is welcomed !! But first, sign the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. And Second, follow the Bicyclists' Code of Conduct set forth below.

Rules of the Road

Bicyclists' Code of Conduct

  1. ALWAYS wear a helmet
  2. Do not wear headphones
  3. Never ride against traffic
  4. Avoid riding on the sidewalk wherever possible
  5. Stop for stop signs and red lights
  6. Follow lane markings
  7. Honor others right of way
  8. Use hand signals and verbal communications
  9. Call out debris in the road
  10. Be predictable
  11. Ride single file with traffic
  12. When riding in a pace line:
    1. Do not overlap with the bicycle in front of you
    2. Maintain an even pace and do not allow a gap to be created in front of you
    3. When rotating off the front, do not stop pedaling until you have moved off the front of the line
    4. Do not cut into the line unless the rider behind you has approved your move
    5. Be alert to the actions of the riders in front of you
  13. Don't unnecessarily block traffic
  14. Always use lights front and back at night and it also helps your visibility during the day.
  15. No aero bar use in a group ride.
  16. Conform to the maximum speed of the ride.
  17. Provide feedback and direction to new and/or unsafe riders.


Motorists' Etiquette Regarding Bicyclists

  1. Share the road with other vehicles, bicycles*
  2. Provide 3 feet of room when passing a bicycle
  3. Do not turn right in front of a bicycle
  4. Expect bicycles to move left in the traffic lane to pass and avoid debris in the road
  5. When a lane is too narrow to pass a bicyclist safely, wait until the adjoining lane is clear
  6. Give bicyclist all the right of way as any other full size slow moving vehicle
  7. When parked at a curb do not open the door on the traffic side of the vehicle without making sure that the lane is clear of vehicles including bicycles
  8. Remember to be especially careful around bicyclists because any accident with them will probably result in serious injury

*Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers. Motorists must treat cyclists the same as drivers of other motor vehicles. Bicyclists have a right to be and should be traveling on the road in the same direction as traffic. They are part of the traffic and share the road with other drivers WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral


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