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NOTE: The rides listed below are subject to change, and we will do our best to update them as we become aware of the changes. All of the below is for information only.  PLEASE NOTIFY US HERE if you are aware of any changes that need to be made to the ride list below. Thanks!  

Latest Update: November, 2017



New Riders & Members MUST complete Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

In order to participate in any Naples Velo Bicycle Club activity, including, but not limited to, rides, social, special and charitable events, you must agree to the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. Click on the link to agree: Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Helmets MANDATORY on All Rides!

Also, No Headphones on Group Rides to Ensure the Safety of All Riders

Please Also Read Our GROUP RIDE SAFETY PETITION and Shared Commitments

Ride start legend: 

BR - The Bike Route - Naples, 655 Tamiami Trail N - Map

BM - Big Momma's Bicycle Shop - 850 Seagate Dr 

NV - **Naples Velo Rides**Marketplace at Pelican Bay, 8803 Tamiami Trail North - Map

NC - Naples Cyclery, 813 Vanderbilt Beach Road - Map

TBE - Trek Bicycle Store, Coconut Point Mall 8001 Plaza Del Lago Drive - Map

TBN - Trek Bicycle Store, Naples 9051 Tamiami Trail N - Map

FF - Fit & Fuel, Vanderbilt Beach Road - Map

LP - Lowdermilk Beach Park - Map

ST - **Naples Velo Rides** Starbucks parking lot, jct. of Santa Barbara & Radio Rd.

STA - **Naples Velo Rides** Starbucks at 6839 Collier Blvd. (Celeste & Triangle Blvds, next to Lely Resort)



Mondays- 7am - NV: "Recovery" ride out of the Market Place at Pelican Bay, 20 miles at 20 mph with a short sprint at the end, four laps around Pelican Bay ( nice, easy, safe controlled ride). 

Mondays - 8am - ST: Moderate pace of 18 mph for approx. 33 miles. Follows Santa Barbara south to Lely, completes two laps around Lely, then returns via Santa Barbara, Davis and Radio Roads. 


Tuesdays - 6:30am - Meets at Cambier Park on 8th Street South. 14-16mph.  Route runs South down and into the Port Royal fingers and back.  Designed for entry level riders and includes some basic skills training.  Beginners welcome!  Experienced cyclists seeking an easy spin are always welcome too!
Tuesdays - 7am - RIDE #1 - NV: "Hour of Power" ride out of the Market Place at Pelican Bay, 30 miles at a very fast "no limit" speed, 4 laps around Pine Ridge. ( not for the faint of heart! very fast advanced ride,crit/circuit like course 27-36 mph)

Tuesdays - 7am - RIDE #2 - NV: Alternative Tuesday "Tempo" Ride -  This alternative ride will have a posted SPEED LIMIT and pace range from 24-26mph.  The ride will start at the customary Velo start parking lot in the Publix shopping center at US 41 and Vanderbilt Beach Rd.  The ride will cross US 41 and turn left on Trail instead of right (the "Hour of Power" ride will turn right).  The ride will continue onto Vanderbilt Beach Road, heading East, up to Livingston Rd., will take a left on Livingston heading North up to Coconut Point Road and then turn around and return.  The ride will end at the intersection of Vanderbilt Beach Road and US 41.



Wednesdays - 7am - NV: "Tempo" ride out of The Market place of Pelican Bay, 31 miles down to Port Royal and around and back at 24 mph, controlled. ( nice ride, easy out of corners but because of its size it "surges" in the back). Depending on the size of the group, it may be split into two or more groups.

Wednesdays - 6:45 am - NV: "B" Ride. Same route as above except skips the fingers. Distance 26 miles at 18 - 20 mph

Wednesdays - 8:00 am - STA: Approximately 20 miles on bike lanes, multi use pathways and low traffic streets as much as possible. 12-15 mph




Thursdays - 7am - NV: " Corkscrew" ride with an optional add on ride up to "FGCU" leaving out of the Market Place at Pelican Bay up to Corkscrew rd and/or Fl. Gulf Coast University.  38  miles or , with add on, 47  miles no speed limit but usually 25-29 mph with the add on miles at 24 mph in the middle. (nice faster tempo ride with few turns)
Thursdays-7am - NV: Thursday Coffee Ride, 18-20 mph to Gordon Drive via the Seagate cut-through and the Mooorings neighborhood with a usual coffee stop enroute.
Thursdays - 8am - ST: Moderate pace of 18 mph for approx. 30 miles. This ride travel east through Golden Gate City, follows Golden Gate Blvd to the Liibrary and makes two laps through the "squiggles" and returns.  



Fridays - 7am - NV: Tempo ride with 3 sprints zones"  out of the market Place at Pelican Bay. Two laps around Pine Ridge and 3.5 laps around Pelican Bay at 24mph, controlled with three sprint zones (unlimited speed) and then a recovery/ gathering zone at 18/20 mph for a couple of minutes after the sprints. The very last quarter lap gains speed to last sprint zone. ( very fun ride, fast out of corners and does have surging in the back due to its size).

Fridays - 7am- NV: "B" Ride. Leaves with the regular Friday ride except at a pace of 18 - 20 mph. Same route.




Saturdays - 7am - NV: "Ft Myers Bridge" ride out of the Market Place at Pelican Bay. 42 miles at an unlimited speed -- VERY FAST, usually holding around 27mph+, with pick-ups well into the low to mid 30mph range. Sprint at the end. The ride goes up to Ft Myers Bridge so there are several bridges to go over. There is an optional short rest area at Ft Myers Beach bridge if you don't wish to go over it and back. (great super-fast ride and not many turns and beautiful scenery)
Saturdays - 7am - NV: "Alternative Ride" hosted and led by Velo member Rich Crouse. "Want Miles?" Come join Rich Crouse every Saturday morning on an alternative Velo Ride. Rich leads a 22/23 average mph tempo ride on various rotating routes (route usually posted Friday on Facebook each week) -- usually 65 +/- miles - safe and controlled. Sometimes breaks into several groups. Meets at the normal Velo start at the Market Place at Pelican Bay.  PS: Make sure you bring plenty of drinks and snacks due to the length of this ride. 

Saturdays - 7:30am -  Garage ride" out of the triple parking garage on 4th Ave South in Olde Naples, just West of 8th Street South.  Very controlled 18 - 20 mph "tempo" ride up through Pelican Bay , Pine Ridge and back. Continues down and back through Port Royal.  Great ride for people not familiar with pace line etiquette.  Short instructional talk at the beginning.



Sundays - 7am - NV: "Advanced 60 mile" ride into East Naples out of The Market Place at Pelican Bay. Unlimited speed but usually 25-30 mph with a slower "feed zone" in the middle for a few minutes. (good size group and hearty ride! sometimes breaking into smaller groups)
NOTE: The Sunday NV may occasionally take a different route, but it's usually one of three: (1) The "traditional" NV Sunday ride, down to the end of Gordon, out East into Golden Gate Estates, back in and then up Livingston to Bonita Beach Road, and back down and in on Vanderbilt, (2) a ride down to Marco Island, which is a bit longer, 75+ miles, or (3) a ride out to Ave Maria and back, which is about 60 miles.  If you ARRIVE AT THE START time of 7am, you can ensure that you know the route intended for the day, which MAY NOT BE announced ahead of time, so bring plenty of water and nutrition.

Sundays - 7am - NV: Rich Crouse's "B" ride. Same route as the above described ride. However, the speed will be controlled at 23-25 mph max. This ride will depart a couple minutes after the unlimited speed ride from the same departure location. Rich Crouse will lead this ride. 

Sundays - 8am - "Lowdermilk" ride out of Lowdermilk Park in Olde Naples on Gulfshore Blvd. About 30 miles up through Pine Ridge and Pelican Bay, Speed starts out at 18/20mph for 6 miles or so and starts to build up slowly to 26mph usually. This ride is uncontrolled and can end up different speeds depending on who shows up for it ( nice ride when you want to sleep in a bit and you can also make your own group)

Sundays - 6:30 am - TBE: Leaves from the Dunkin Donuts Parking lot at Livingston/Immokolee  and goes up to the Estero Trek shop at 21 mph. then the 38 mile Trek ride offers an "A", "B" and "C" ride. After that the group waits and gathers everyone up and rides back to Naples at 21mph. 70 miles total. The ride from Naples UP TO the beginning of the Trek ride and the return trip back to Naples are strictly controlled; no one gets dropped on the two warm up and cool down legs to/from Naples.




Helmets MANDATORY on All Rides!

Also, No Headphones on Group Rides to Ensure the Safety of All Riders



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